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Error In Pie Chart After Click On Legend/chart

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After I use javascript rendering of charts for Pie2D, after rendering I click on chart plotted object / legend , the value shown is thrown outside the box .. please see the attached Images ...let me know if any solution ?? Pie_Error.jpg in attachement ...



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We are glad to let you know that we have released another version of FusionCharts XT - FusionCharts XT Service Release 3 on 13th of March, 2012. This version resolves the issue that you have mentioned.


Additionally, it contains a number of bug fixes and improvements like:

>> Support for JavaScript Pie 3D and Doughnut 3D charts

>> Ability to control number formatting for Indian and East Asian thousand/lac separation formats

>>Support for recursive number scaling to display the chart data better


Also, a few improvements like:

>> Considerable reduction of memory leaks upon resize, data-update and dispose of charts

>> Text-selection (I-beam) cursor does not appear now when hovered over text

>> JavaScript Bubble charts now correctly clip all out-of-canvas data-points using the clipBubbles attribute

>> JavaScript Pie and Doughnut charts now support dashed plot borders


Enhancements in JavaScript Zoom Line chart which includes:

>>Pin Mode

>>Better management of x-axis data labels

>>Icons for Zoom-Out, Reset and Pin Mode


Read more :


Being a Service Release, the update in not available as an "Upgrade" from PUC. Existing customers need to re-download from PUC to update to this release.

The trial version of FusionCharts XT-SR3 is available at :


Hope this helps. :)

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