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Hi Support Team,


We had bought Fusion V.3.2.1 version last year, we have requiement like belowAfter downloading chart we are getting 'Save' buttonwhen we click on that button popup comes up to enter file path, it is standardprocedure it is working fine.


We placed custom button to download chart, presently itis only downloading chart and showing Save button but my requirement when Iclick on my custom button it should download chart and ask file path to storeit(which action done when we click on Save).



Is any JavaScript function available to do that thing? ifavailable then I can call that function from ExportMyChart() function likebelow



<script type="text/javascript">


function ExportMyChart() {


var chartObject= FusionCharts('myChart');


chartObject.exportChart( { exportAtClient: '1', exportFormat: 'PDF' } );


















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Guest Sashibhusan



With regard to your issue, please note that it is not possible to download the chart PDF automatically after finishing capture process at Client-side.




FusionCharts has been coded in Flash 8 and ActionScript 2.0. This version of ActionScript does not have support for handling byte streams, and as such we cannot generate image or PDF streams.


But Flash 10 (or above) came with added capabilities of allowing the byte stream to be downloaded as a file from browser itself.


But, the end-user has to click on something to initiate the download - and so, we had to force a button in our FusionCharts Export Component UI to initiate the download process.


However if you want you can do the capture process automatically (after rendering the chart on browser) and then use our Export Component UI "Save" button to download the chart PDF.


To see an example of the same, please visit the link below:


Also you can customize that "Save" button using FusionCharts Export Component UI customization attributes.


For more information on "Component UI Customization", please follow the link below:


Hope this helps!

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