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Is fusion widgets and map also supported javascript render method or not?

if no then in future they are available or not?

And how to auto load power chart in javascript without using render method like fusion charts.

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Guest Sashibhusan



Yes, FusionWidgets starting from XT ( V 3.2) have the feature of automatic rendering of JavaScript Gauges and Charts. The latest version is currently available is FusionWidgets XT (V3.2) SR1.


Also I am very glad to inform you that, FusionMaps in JavaScript mode is in the final stage of development and is going to release shortly.


However right now we are not able to provide any timeline for this.


Starting PowerCharts v3.2, you can now render the charts on devices like iPhone/iPad using the in-built JavaScript rendering capabilities.


Like FusionCharts XT, PowerCharts have the automatic fallback feature, wherein the charts figure out the best mode of rendering (either Flash or JavaScript, based on availability of Flash Player).


Hope this helps!

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