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Candlestick.swf Truncates Y Axis Fractional Value

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I am using CandleStick.swf and attempting to get the y axis values to format correctly using the configured decimal separator (','). Following is the JSON configuration. With formatnumber="1", I would expect the labels and tooltips to be formatted using the configured decimal separator, as I've experienced in the other charts (line, step, area, etc). The result I get, however, is "0" for every y axis label (see screenshot - post-28392-0-31778100-1340738245_thumb.png), which is useless for the consumer. If I change the value of formatnumber to "0", the y axis labels are correct, but of course are no longer formatted using the ',' for the decimal separator. Thus it appears there is a bug in the y axis label generation when formatnumber="1". Please advise; we are using PowerCharts 3.2.1.


{"chart":{"xaxisminvalue":"0","xaxismaxvalue":"7200000.0","pyaxisminvalue":"0.22","pyaxismaxvalue":"0.34","pyaxisname":"y axis name","setadaptiveymin":"0","adjustdiv":"0","numpdivlines":"3","decimals":"3","forcedecimals":"1","yaxisvaluececimals":"3","forceYAxisValueDecimals":"1","formatnumber":"1","formatnumberscale":"0","decimalseparator":",","thousandseparator":"."},"dataset":[{"data":[{"open":"0.2831912304433187","low":"0.23429885318915408","high":"0.33208360769748324","x":"3600000.0","close":"0.2831912304433187"},{"open":"0.24338394968792607","low":"0.2337162382283728","high":"0.26339627555301485","x":"7200000.0","close":"0.24338394968792607"}]}],"styles":{"application":[{"toobject":"DataLabels","styles":"dataLabelFontStyle"}],"definition":[{"name":"dataLabelFontStyle","type":"font","size":"8"}]},"categories":[{"verticallinethickness":"1","category":[{"label":"09:59:59","x":"3600000.0"},{"label":"10:59:59","x":"7200000.0"}]}]}

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Guest Bindhu



Welcome to the FusionCharts Forum :)


Thank you for the post.


Apologies for delay in response.


It is a known issue and the issue has already been fixed and the fix would be available in our next release.


Hope this helps!

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