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I am trying to change the gradient ratio on the plot fill area of the area chart. I tried putting plotFillRatio: "10,90" in first the properties of the chart element and then the properties of the individual series, and neither changed the ratio of the gradient. What am I doing wrong?

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Guest Bindhu



Please note that the ratio denotes the starting point of the color, so for two colors ratio will be "0,100" not "50,50" because 0 is the starting point for the first color and 100 is the starting point for the second color which will be mixed at 50's position.


Similarly, if the colors are FF0000 (Red), 00FF00 (Green), 0000FF (Blue), the ratio will be 0,50,50.


0, the 1st starting point of the color Red.

At this point, Red will be PURE Red.


50, second starting point for Green color.

Here Green will be PURE Green.


The 3rd 50, appears at 100th position (previous 50 + 50) which is the end point, so that, at this point the Blue will be PURE Blue.


Also, please use the 'alpha' attribute and set it to 100,100,100.


Now, said this, can you please elaborate a bit more on your requirement?


Please note: The attribute 'plotFillRatio' is not supported by the Area chart.


Hope this helps !!

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