Problem With Multilingual Support In Fusion Map

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hi Friends,

i am using fusionmap version ( ) . i am using FCMap_WorldwithCountries.swf file .i want to give hindi language support in fusion map so that i have create one xml file named as test_countrymap.xml and saved it with UTF-8 with bom signature and i have checked also that bom signature present with file and give file path in dataURL method in jsp language but i am not able to see that hindi text in lable as well as tooltip of world with countries map.


my jsp code is as below

var worldmap = getMapFromId("MapId");

if(worldmap == null){

var worldmap = new FusionMaps("/iview/FusionCharts/FCMap_WorldwithCountries.swf", "MapId",1020, "500", "0", "1");







so anybody has idea regarding this issue ??


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Guest Bindhu



Welcome to the FusionCharts Forum :)


Thank you for the post.

I am afraid, we are unable to replicate the issue.


Please find attached screen shot of the same.


Hope this helps!


Edited by Bindhu

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