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No Data Received : The Chart Couldn't Find Any Data Values In The Real-Time Feed

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I have implemented Libero in my mvc project. So far, I have successfully made charts for real time charts.


The charts appeared when i running the project, but the problem came when i want to use Refresh Interval and DataStreamURL.


It was refreshing, but when it called DataStreamURL, it didn't return any values.


Please help me,





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Hi Sumedh, thanks for your reply.


Actually I know that libero only support for some charts.

But I'm trying to implement my mvc project with other charts.

I have followed the concept of Libero to make those charts and so far it works...


For example, in the website of Libero, it does not support for HLinearGauge.

I've been successful to make that chart appeared and its pointer showed present time.


But now I want to make the chart shows real time using RefreshInterval and datastreamURL.

When I Debugged the code, the xml is right. It got the real time value,

But in the browser it didn't refresh.

That's what make me confused :(


Here I attached my project to be looked for you :)


Thanks a lot

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Guest Sumedh




You would have to refresh the chart's canvas with each data update.


The chart's canvas has a dataplot object. This gets updated with each new request from the server.


So the chart canvas will have to be updated / refreshed.


Please refer the following URL for more information:

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