How To Set Background And Border To Transparent

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I have tried to follow the order given int the following thread


but its not working


this is the chart data

				"chart": {
				"manageresize": "1",
				"origw": "400",
				"origh": "250",
				"managevalueoverlapping": "1",
				"autoaligntickvalues": "1",
				"fillangle": "45",
				"upperlimit": max,
				"lowerlimit": 0,
				"majortmnumber": "10",
				"majortmheight": "8",
				"showgaugeborder": "0",
				"gaugeouterradius": "140",
				"gaugeoriginx": "205",
				"gaugeoriginy": "206",
				"gaugeinnerradius": "2",
				"formatnumberscale": "0",
				"decmials": "0",
				"tickmarkdecimals": "1",
				"pivotradius": "17",
				"showpivotborder": "1",
				"pivotbordercolor": "000000",
				"pivotborderthickness": "5",
				"pivotfillmix": "FFFFFF,000000",
				"tickvaluedistance": "10",
				"showvalue": "1",
				"bgAlpha" : '0',
				"bgColor" : 'ffffff'


Its almost working...


I also did chartReference.setTransparent(true);


but the one thing that left is a rectangle that surrounds the chart (if i open the debug tools and change the stroke-width from 1 to 0 , the border disappears...


how can I achieve it with the js api ?


Thanks ahead,




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