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Rendering Issues In Ie8

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I am using Fusion Charts Version 3.2.2 and i am rendering them using "javascript ". It is working well in Mozilla, Chrome,IE9 and all other browsers except IE8. I have read all your replies but none of them is helping me out.

It is showing a message as "A run time error has occured" as you can see in the screen attatched and after that it shows "Invalid Data".errorIE8.bmp

I am using Jquery version 1.7.1, chart type is "Column3D". Further i would like to mention that your own Javascript demos are not rendering on IE8 and if you try to open them in IE8 it takes more 50% of CPU utilization and the browser ends up getting post-28599-0-14236400-1345097557_thumb.png


Here is the XML code :

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>

<chart caption='' xAxisName='' yAxisName='Average Personnel Count/1,000 SF Occupied' showValues='1' showLabels='1' showLegend='0' legendPosition='' formatNumberScale='0' numberPrefix='' numberSuffix='' canvasBgColor='FFFFFF' yAxisMinValue='0' yAxisMaxValue='5'>

<Set Label='Building: (CH0852) 225 West...' Value='3.58' ToolText='Building: (CH0852) 225 West Wacker Drive' />

<Set Label='Zip: 20005' Value='N/A' />

<Set Label='Region: Midwestern' Value='3.58' />


<Line startValue='3.5' endValue='3.5' color='D31445' displayValue=' ' dashed='1' dashedLen='5' dashGap='5' toolText='Industry Benchmark,3.5' thickness='2' showOnTop='1' />



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Guest Sashibhusan



I am afraid, we are able to render the Demo from our Demo gallery in JavaScript mode, in IE8 browser.


Please find the attached screen shot of the same for your reference.


Also, find the attached screen shot of the Column3D chart rendered in IE8 using FusionCharts XT V3.2.2 SR4.


Hope this helps!



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