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Setting Divintervalhints Gets Ignored

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I want to set the Y axis scale using the divIntervalHints property. But the Chart picks a different divIntervalHints compared to what was provided.

In the XML file attached, I have assigned the divIntervalHints as 1000 but the chart gets rendered with scale 800. Please see the attached screen shot.

Also, I tried removing adjustDiv, still no luck. Wondering whether the height fixed for the Charts could be a cause!!


Can you please check out the attach XML file and let me know what is wrong?


script used for rendering the chart XML



var chart = FusionCharts.items["ChartId"];

if(chart == null)


chart = new FusionCharts('Line', "ChartId", "400", "250", "0", "0");


chart.setXMLData(dataString);chart.render("chartdiv"); // datastring is provided in the attached XML.







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Thanks for the Response Sumedh.


Can I use YAXISVALUES to achieve the same? This way I can calculate the Y axis points based on my calculated interval.

If so, can you send me an example as I dont see any example available in the site.




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Guest Sumedh

Hi Prem,


Setting div interval hints for Line Chart is not possible. You can not add div interval hints to Line Chart.


Displaying Y axis values depends on data that you will pass to the chart.

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