Drill-Down On Data Not Working

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I have what I think is a fairly simple situation that I cannot figure out. I am trying to make a chart that averages revenue on reporting period, then can drill down into average based on market. The column results of my query are as follows (revenue is simply an integer):




When I configure my chart, I choose to import all three data fields and apply no filters and go to the grouping tab, selecting the following options:




This seems in-line with what I have seen in the instructional videos posted here. However, when I save the chart and look at it, the average Revnue for each reporting period is displayed properly, but when I click on a reporting period, instead of seeing each Market's average within that period, I see "No data to display."


What am I doing wrong?


Thank you for your assistance.



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Sorry for the delay in reply.


I am afraid, We were not able to re-produce this issue. Could you please send us last 5 error log (please refer to ) so that We can check it? Also, could you please let us know the data type of ReportingPeriod column, is it date/time or text? And please update to v1.1.0.0 and re-check if this issue still persists.

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