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Need Suggestion : Multiple Information In One Chart

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I have this requirement from my boss :D to create a chart that have multiple information and allow end-user to play around on chart.

Here the sampel chart that I design(as attached).


This chart allow end-user to compare information like

1. Compare product A/B/C between month and year

2. Compare Product on specific month of years (can compare feb on 2012 and 2011)

3. Compare product A/B/C between month on same year (compare product a between jan and feb on same year)


I try to create using stack and multi-series chart but those sampel and chart only cover 3 set data which is quantity, product and month / quantity, product and year

but the chart that i want to create need 4 set data(may be more :P) to display on same chart which is quantity, product, month and year.


I try to do drill-down chart, but my boss had refuse :(. He intention is to minimize end-user action.


Here, i appreciate any suggestion or opinion or idea or support that i can use to create this chart.


Kindly appreciate your attention.


Thanks in advance.


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