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Problem With Fusion Chart When Flash Desactivated In Browser

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In our application, when we have flash activated, charts are runing without problems, but when we desactivate flash in IE browder plug in, we get an error in fuionCharts.HC.js :


Da.createStyleSheet().cssText="hcv\\:fill, hcv\\:path, hcv\\:shape, hcv\\:stroke{ behavior:url(#default#VML); display: inline-block; } "},


SCRIPT87: Invalid argument.

FusionCharts.HC.js, line 275 character 86


Any idea ?


Thanks a lot


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After several more tests, it seems it is not coming from the fact that flash is activated or not but when we reload the internet page.


Could you please confirm if you have included all the 4 JavaScript files, namely, FusionCharts.js, FusionCharts.HC.js, FusionCharts.HC.Charts.js and jquery.min.js in the same folder as FusionCharts.js while rendering the charts in JavaScript (non-Flash mode)?


These files are present in Charts folder of the FusionCharts XT Download Pack. You do not need to load these files explicitly in HTML. FusionCharts.js automatically takes care of the loading.



Hope this helps. :)

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Hello Sumedh


I could not send you project as it need a lot of configuration (running on glassfish).


but what i can say is we are using fusion and power charts in same application.


What i did is i added FusionCharts.js into index.html


<script type="text/javascript" src="lib/fusion/FusionCharts.js"></script>


as we are using power charts too, i added FusionCharts.HC.PowerCharts into fusion directory as we had some problems

executing charts from power charts in javascript mode. (perhaps there is a better method to do this instead of copying the file ?)






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