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I saw that in some charts (2D charts), it is possible to use scroll for the charts, but it seems not for 3D charts.

(for instance stacked column 3D, column 3D, stacked column 3D + line, ...).


Perhaps i am wrong and it is possible to use scrolling in fusionCharts for 3D charts, and in this case is there a parameter to do this

as by default, the chart is displayed without scrolling ? Or i am right, and in this case, is the future version of fusionCharts will include scrolling for 3D charts ?



Thanks a lot for your answer.


Best regards,





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Guest Sumedh

Hi Alain,


Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! 


Apologies for the delayed response.


FusionCharts does not support scrolling feature for 3D charts, as of now.


However, we have made a note of it and we will add this request to our feature wishlist.


For further developments/updates on this, we will keep you posted.

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