Gantt Chart - Server Side Saving As Image/pdf

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We are using Gantt charts to list around 500 processes. Thee is no issue in rendering of the chart. But when I try to 

save the chart as image at server side using the Server-side Export Handler - J2EE, When the process list is below 50, the image is exported properly and saved. The image is not generated or blank image is saved when the processes are more than 60-70. Can you please let us know whether there is some limitation?


Following error messages are found in the logs, when the process list is large.



[com.fusioncharts.exporter.error.ErrorHandler]|[iNFO]|[87]|: Errors=<BR>statusMessage= Width/height not provided. Insufficient data.Background Color not specified. Taking White (FFFFFF) as default background color.<BR>statusCode=0|

[15:21:36:897]|[04-30-2013]|[com.fusioncharts.exporter.error.ErrorHandler]|[iNFO]|[87]|: Notices=|

[15:21:36:897]|[04-30-2013]|[com.fusioncharts.exporter.error.ErrorHandler]|[iNFO]|[87]|: Miscellaneous Messages=<BR>width=0<BR>height=0<BR>DOMId=null



Note: Earlier we were using the licensed version 3_1. We also now tried using the latest v3.3.1 and tried whether the problem is solved. But the same problem persists. 


Can you please advice on this?




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Guest Sashibhusan



We have tested exporting the Gantt chart in Flash mode with approx. 100 processes with chart dimension (600 X 2500) and it is exporting the chart image/PDF to server correctly.


Please find the attached exported image of the same for your reference.


But, if the chart dimension is large with the same number of processes, we get the blank image (as you have mentioned), but not getting any error as you reported.


However, could you please provide the chart XML data and mention the chart dimension, which is replicating the issue at your end, to better investigate the issue?


In the mean time, could you please try once rendering Gantt chart in JavaScript mode and export the image/PDF to server?


Please note that FusionWidgets XT v3.3.1 onwards, we support JavaScript variant of Gantt Chart.


Hope this helps!


Looking forward to your valuable inputs.



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Thanks for your support and explanation.
The chart we are trying to export has a dimension around (1300 x 3100). As you said if we reduce the dimension, we are able to export the chart successfully(attached image) but the chart will look clumsy if we reduce the dimensions.
You may have a look at our chart at the below url:


Kindly advice on what to do.



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