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Bar 2D Graph,column 2D Graph Width Issue

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I have generated a column graph of canvas size 1800*900.I export those and use in generating pdf reports of letter size.Generating the same graph for different size,i have found that the coloumn width remains constant at 50px for all sizes.Hence large resolution sized graphs look with thin graphs.Also i do not want to set plotSpacePercent as all my graphs are dynamic and need to be consistent in terms of size.Please assist me so that i can get proportional images




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Guest Sashibhusan

Hi Nikhil,

Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.

Please note that while exporting the chart to PDF, the chart takes a bitmap snap shot of itself and processes it for passing to export handlers for generating image/PDF.

So, the dimension of the rendered chart, will be the chart dimension of the exported PDF.

However, for specific chart dimension in letter size PDF (as per your requirement), you would need to render the chart in that same dimension, before exporting.

To re-size the existing chart dimension, you may use FusionCharts JavaScript function "resizeTo()".

For more information on "FusionCharts JavaScript API - Functions", please follow the link below:

Hope this helps!

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