"fusioncharts" Text In Javascript Rendering Charts

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I noticed that when loading Fusion Charts in javascript render mode appears a "loading chart, please wait" message in the middle of the canvas. Also appears a "FusionCharts" text in the bottom left side.

You can see this in the attached image, that shows a web page with 3 Fusion Charts. At the left side of the page there is a Fusion Map. At the right side there are two Fusion Charts. All three show the "FusionChart" text when loading for the first time. When reloading the text does not appear, but if you clean cache and reloads then the text show another time.

Is this a watermark of some kind like the evaluation version? We purchased a version of Fusion charts, maps, powercharts and widgets and in theory we are using them.

Can we turn off this text?

Thank you




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