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Calendar Event Overlay On Chart

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we are trying to suport event overlay on fusioncharts XT. our goal is to overlay the content of a calendar on any existing chart type which could be displayed as  vertical lines with the events of the calendar mentioned.


example: If the sales are low  and someone is wondering why, then on click to the calendar it would show the data as a vertical line with the text as that particular day to be a holiday(example sunday).


the visual representation we are expecting is given in the file attached below.


Eagerly waiting for your


Payel roy burman


nanobi data and analytics private limited



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Guest Sumedh

Hi Payel,


Apologies for the delayed response.


The feature which you are trying to implement is not possible.


However, you can provide/display link using anchor tags in the tool-tip using anchor tags. By clicking on this link you can display the calender content in the tool-tip.


This can be possible using JavaScript charts only. 


Following demo can be helpful for you, please refer the following link:


Hope this helps!

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