Error Tooltip Display When Use Stackedcolumn2D Chart With Js

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when use stackedColumn2d to render chart with js, and the values are all 0,


like this:





and xml data is:


<chart labelDisplay='wrap' caption='' yAxisName='' showvalues='0' stack100Percent='1' showPercentValues='1' formatNumber='0' formatNumberScale='0' ><categories><category label='2012-11月' /> <category label='2012-12月' /> <category label='2013-1月' /> <category label='2013-2月' /> <category label='2013-3月' /> <category label='2013-4月' /> </categories><dataset seriesName='test1' color='AFD8F8'><set  value='0' /> <set  value='0' /> <set  value='0' /> <set  value='0' /> <set  value='0' /> <set  value='0' /> </dataset><dataset seriesName='test2' color='9ACD32'><set  value='0' /> <set  value='0' /> <set  value='0' /> <set  value='0' /> <set  value='0' /> <set  value='0' /> </dataset></chart>



please check it ,thanks


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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum  :)


Since all the values supplied to the dataset of the StackedColumn2D chart are all 0, the tooltip shows NaN. You need to supply a non-zero value to atleast one dataset of a stacked column to render the chart correctly. 


Also, you may use the attribute "toolText" in the set element to display custom tool tips.


Hope this helps.

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