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getDataWithId() not Working in Demo

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When I try to use getDataWithId() in my project on a DragColumn2D chart, I get an error that the "Object has no method 'getDataWithId'."


To simplify, I also get the error when working with the demo project in PowerCharts_XT_Developer/Code/DragColumn


All you need to do is execute the method getDataFromChart() in the demo and it throws the error. See attached screenshot.





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It seems that you are trying to run the sample in your local machine because of which the charts are not able to communicate with the JavaScript files. 


To enable communication between charts and JavaScript in your local machine, you need to Setup Flash Player Global Security settings. Please follow the link :


Alternatively, you may also run the sample on server in which case you will not get this error.


Hope this solves your problem.  :)

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