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Want to get entity info from mouse click

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Is there a way to capture the entity id/value from a mouse click?


Thanks in advance



Please try using the "EntityRollover" event which is raised when mouse hovers over entities that would let you capture the entity ID and its associated value.


The event can be listened using advanced event registration model. In the argumentsObject it provides the following properties:

>> id: ID of the entity. In general it is the internal ID specified in the Maps Specification Sheet of the respective map. However, if custom ID is defined, it provide the custom ID.

>> originalId: When custom ID is defined for an entity, it provide the original internal ID of the map, as per Map Specification Sheet of the respective map.

>> value:  Value of entity.

>> label: Long name of entity.

>> shortLabel: Short name of entity.


For further details on its usage, please refer to the following link.



Hope this helps. :)

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