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2D or 3D based on check box

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we want to use fusion chart in our application. we  are using the following code to create the chart.

var myChart = new FusionCharts("Column2D", "myChartId", "400", "300");
        var data = {
            "chart": { "caption": "Weekly Sales Summary", "xAxisName": "Week", "yAxisName": "Sales", "numberPrefix": "$" },
            "data": [{ "label": "Week 1", "value": "10400" }
                , { "label": "Week 2", "value": "18600" }
                , { "label": "Week 4", "value": "20700" }]


Now our requirement is to set 2d/3d based on the state of checkbox on the page. Can you please suggest a way to this?

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Guest Rishab


Using the FusionCharts JavaScript object, you can 'clone' an existing chart, pass it a parameter telling it to use a different chart type, and render it again.

Fusioncharts 'clone( [chartParams: Object] )' function allows you to duplicate a FusionCharts JavaScript object and uses its settings to create another chart.

For more information on its usage, please visit-

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