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We are using latest version of fusionchart js files to render our charts. The problem is with Pie chart shadow cut in mozilla firefox. The pie chart is displaying fine other browsers but in firefox we could see a shadow cut on right and bottom side. 



Fusion chart version: 3.3.1-sr2.19840


Fire fox version : 24



Sorry, Unable to attach the image/file because of permissions on this page


Please find the sample code snippet below.


 var chartItem = new FusionCharts("Pie2D", "UniqueId", "100%", "100%");


            "chart" : {                                                    // chart customizing parameters
                "showPercentValues" : 0,
                "showLabels" : 0,
                "showBorder" : 0,
                "showValues" : 0,
                "bgColor" : "FFFFFF",
                "showPlotBorder" : 1,
                "plotBorderColor" : "FFFFFF",
                "plotBorderThickness" : "1",
                "enablesmartlabels" : 0,
                "numberPrefix" : "%",
                "chartRightMargin" : "-17",
                "chartTopMargin" : "-17",
                "chartBottomMargin" : "-17",
                "chartLeftMargin" : "-17",
                "showShadow" : "1",
                "startingAngle" : 90,
                "enableRotation" : 0,
                "animation" : 0,
                "slicingDistance" : "0"
            "data" : chartData
          chartItem.render("div id");







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We tried to render a Pie 2D chart on Firefox 24 browser and found that the shadow around the chart does not appear to be broken at our end. Please find the attached screenshot of the same.
Could you please let us know the dimensions of the div since you have set the dimensions of the chart in terms of percentage values? Also, please let us know if you are using any framework inside which you are using FusionCharts.
If possible, please send us a sample application replicating this problem so that we can test the same at our end and speed up the process.


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I have checked your sample and found that you are setting the attributes "chartBottomMargin" , "chartTopMargin" , "chartRightMargin" and "chartLeftMargin" to a negative value of "-17". It is because of this reason that the shadow of the chart is getting cut.


The attributes "chartBottomMargin" , "chartTopMargin" , "chartRightMargin" and "chartLeftMargin" take non-negative Integer values and cannot be set to a negative value. Hence, changing the values of the attributes "chartBottomMargin" , "chartTopMargin" , "chartRightMargin" and "chartLeftMargin" to 0 seems to be resolving your problem.

Edited by Haritha

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