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How to develop app like apmetrix ?

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Hi i am analysing the fusion chart app development.


I have seen the app apmetrix with below details

url :

username: [email protected]

password: demo

ref link :**〈=en_US#aId=101&drange=2014_01_27-2014_01_27&rsId=100103



I would like to know how to create chart with drag and drop and how the data  passed .

As i have gone with fusion chart document there is no drag and drop interface available.


Please help me on this. thanks

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Guest Sumedh

Hello Suresh,


FusionCharts XT does not support dragging feature for all charts.


However, dragging feature is supported in several charts. You can use Drag-node charts and Drag-able charts from PowerCharts XT pack.


>> Drag Node chart:

The drag node chart is a specialized type of chart where each data set is shown on the chart as a drag-able node. Perfect for network diagrams, hierarchy structures, etc., this chart provides a highly intuitive interface for your end users to visually adjust related entities, link them and even add new ones. You can take visual inputs from your users using this chart and then submit the final positions of the nodes to your scripts for further processing.


For more information, please refer these links:


>> Drag-able charts:

The Drag-able charts are a special set of charts that allow you to visually manipulate the data on the chart and then submit it back. These charts can be intensively used for simulations, financial planning etc. Currently, there are three Drag-able charts available:
- Drag-able Column 2D Chart
- Drag-able Line 2D Chart
- Drag-able Area 2D Chart
For more information, please refer these links:
Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the response. This answer did not solve my problem. I guess apmatrix guys has built dynamic drag drop charts as additional functionality to the app using fusion charts. I have to go with further investigation. 




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