Multi Series Line chart with diffrent Y-Axis values

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My company have license of Fusion Chart @version fusioncharts/3.2.2-release.3880. I need to create a multi-series chart "2 series". I have a 2 values per each x-axis label, my issue is these values is in different ranges, one of them is very small value may be 1-200 the second is very large sometimes being in millions, some times is being in thousands. how to link these values in single chart. Using default configuration, the first value will appear as the main X-axis line. knowing that the two values is varies but the difference between usually large.


What is the best way to draw such a chart using FusionCharts and how to configure it.


attached is an example of the drown chart.




M Osman


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Guest Sumedh

Hello Osman,


Since, you want to compare large scale values with small scale values in the single chart with Multi-series plotting.


You can use Log Line 2D chart from the PowerCharts XT pack.


Logarithmic charts are specialized forms line charts that plot data on a logarithmic scale. The PowerCharts Logarithmic charts can have a logarithmic scale of any base greater than 1. These charts are perfect for plotting data that comprise of both small and large values.


For more information, please refer the following links:


Also, find attached chart XML and screen-shot for your reference.


Hope this helps!




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