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Iam using spark line provided under fusion chart widgets of version 3.3.1. There are two issues that I am facing
1. an issue with rendering tooltips for spark line.
2. an issue with max and min values on extreme ends of chart.

        a. The values displayed at extreme ends of chart gets disappeared when <set> tags with similar values are present in <dataset> tag.



The chart xml is

<chart showToolTip="1" palette="3" caption="Cisco4"> <dataset> <set value="657.57"/> <set value="70.7"/> <set value="70.7"/> <set value="92.61"/> </dataset></chart>

below screen shot explains the issues. I have attached the screen shot as well.




Its an urgent requirement. plz help me out.


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The problem of values not being shown or getting truncated, reported by you seems to be present in Flash variant of Spark Line chart. Also, the Flash variant of Spark Line chart does not support tool tip feature.


We suggest you to use JavaScript charts instead of Flash charts, since these problems are not present in the JavaScript variant of Spark Line chart. Also, JavaScript variant of Spark line chart supports tool tip feature too. Please find an attached screenshot of the same. 


Also, it appears that most of the modern browsers now support HTML5. HTML5/JavaScript charts are the first choice if you want inter-browser operability. HTML5 charts render on all devices including iPhone,iPad, Android devices, where Flash charts do not render since these devices do not support Flash player. Hence, HTML5 charts ensure the same look and feel across all devices including non-Flash devices and desktop devices.

Also, Flash is not the first choice for interactive web.Flash is an additional component which is embedded on a web page and also requires Flash Player plugin installed on client's machine to run on a web page. 
Hence, we suggest you to use HTML5/JavaScript charts due to the advantages discussed above.
To convert your existing Flash chart to JS chart, you need to use JavaScript Alias name of chart instead of SWF file name.
var myChart = new FusionCharts( "SparkLine","myChartId", "400", "300", "0" );
For a list of JavaScript alias names of charts, refer:
Also, for rendering JavaScript charts, the following files need to be present in the same folder : FusionCharts.js, FusionCharts.HC.js, FusionCharts.HC.Widgets.js and jquery.min.js. Since FusionWidgets XT v3.3.1, an additional JavaScript file FusionCharts.HC.Gantt.js is used to create JavaScript Gantt chart.
Hope this helps.


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