Scroll Event not fired in ZoomLine Charts

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We are using the Zoomline charts in an Ext container. I am able to get the zoom events but I am not able to get the scroll start and scroll end events.

We have two zoomline charts shown one below the other having a common x-axis.We have a requirement where if we zoom in one chart we should be able to automatically zoom into other to show the same respective data.i.e both zoom events are synced. We also need to sync the scroll event for both charts.So if user scrolls one chart the below chart automatically scrolls along with the top chart.

But I am not able to receive the scroll start and end events.We have the zoom sync event functionality working properly. We are using the Javascript version of the charts.Any help? I have attached the scroll events handler the same way as the zoom events. .We are using FusionCharts XT (v3.3.1 - Service Release 2) version of the fusion charts along with jquery 1.7.2




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