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FusionCharts XT 3.2.2 - Stacked Bar 2d - ShowSum and Percent in Tooltip

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I'm using FC-XT 3.2.2 and jquery 1.4> on tests.


There are, in this version of FC-XT, knowing problems about stacked bar 2D configuration?


Specifically on properties:



Using Javascript renderer;


When I render a stacked chart using stackedColumn2d.swf with javascript renderer, all occurs normaly.


But when I use same data to render a stackedBar2d.swf, I got the following problems:


renderer: javascript



Result: Chart is rendered (OK); Sum values are all disaligned(FAIL); ToolTip show right percents for each block of stacked bar(OK);


Other situation:


renderer: flash



Result: Chart is rendered(OK); Sum values are perfectly aligned(OK). ToolTip do not show percent, but the value for each block(FAIL).


I prefer to use javascript renderer.


The screenshot attached show javascript rendered with ShowSum disaligned and tooltip showing right percentage for block.


Thanks for any help!



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