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Updating Data on Fusion Maps

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Hi all,


I'm new to Fusion Maps.  I've built a checkbox list of countries that will sync with a world map.  Every time you select a country.  I want the map to be updated and vice-versa.


What I've done is essentially set the data to be 0, 1 and set a color code for a selected country to have a specific value.


Unfortunately, I can't find any update method that isn't resource intensive.  I could very well be mistaken, but I can't easily invoke setChartData without resetting all its properties (including the map title and colour ranges) and the response time is far from desirable.


Is there any other API method to just update specific values?





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Updating specific values inside the dataset is not possible,

with setChartData all the chart properties must be set.


You can use setXMLURL/setJSONURL and other such methods but these too shall update the whole chart.

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