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Line Chart With Grid and Rounded Edges of Canvas

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Hello Friends,


 Am Working on Chart Application for Producing Statics of Data in Line, Bar and Pie Chart. 


 I Have Problem for Line Chart, i Want to Make Canvas Border of Line Chart As Rounded Corner,


 how can i do it . . . 


 i used following code for making rounded rectange on graph but when data changes it collapse




<annotationGroup id="Grp1" showBelow="1">

<annotation type="rectangle" x="60" y="48" toX="785" toY="365 " radius="10" color="000000" fillAlpha="100" showBorder="1" fillColor="ffffff" borderColor="000000" borderThickness="3"/>





please look at screen shot for more details , and suggest me solution . . 




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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


To make the canvas border as rounded corner, you are using annotations statically. To avoid the collapsing problem you need to use macros dynamically to position annotations. 


Using macros to position dynamically the annotations, refer this link :


For grid lines, in the chart try setting the attribute ""numVDivLines" in the chart element of you XML/JSON file which will render vertical lines.


Refer this JSFiddle link :


Hope this helps.

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