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So this time last year we downloaded the latest version and had an issue with hidden divs.   I was told this would be fixed with the newest version of the software.    It is downloaded but we still can't use this with hidden divs.    I can do visibility: hidden and it works great but if I have a bunch of them on the page, then I have all of this white space (as visibility: none is designed).    display: none does not render them properly.    I am supposed to be going live with this...    Is there any solution for this?   the div is clearly not rendering properly.   I have attached to the issues.


The weird thing - if they all start out as display: block and I click on my toggles to pick one graph to show, it shows only one at a time and it works properly but I have to start out with them all showing which is not what I want.    If I start as display: none; they do not render.

<div style="display:block;" id="diva3">
		<!-- START Script Block for Chart chart1_region -->
		<div id='chart1_regionDiv' align='center'>
		<script type="text/javascript">	
        var myChart = new FusionCharts({
            "type": "column2d",
            "dataFormat": "xml",
			 "renderAt": "chart1_regionDiv",
			"width": "800",
      		"height": "500",
            "dataSource": "<chart caption='XXX' xAxisName='' yAxisName='FX' decimals='1' useRoundEdges='1' legendBorderAlpha='0' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' baseFont='Arial' baseFontSize ='12' baseFontColor ='000000' rotateValues='1' numbersuffix='%' exportEnabled='1' exportFileName='Genl_R_FacExpGIE_demo'><set label='X' value='5.68948069895' /><set label='X' value='6.27401980633' /><set label='X' value='6.96991330572' /><set label='X' value='5.61843919235' /><set label='X' value='5.46976884487' /><set label='X' value='6.45676246527' /><set label='Overall' value='6.08762781906' /><styles><definition><style type='font' name='SubCaptionFont' bold='0'/><style type='font' name='myLegend' color='666666' size='13'/><style name='myAxisTitlesFont' type='font' font='Arial' size='12' bold='0'/></definition><application><apply toObject='caption' styles='CaptionFont'/><apply toObject='SubCaption' styles='SubCaptionFont'/><apply toObject='Legend' styles='myLegend'/><apply toObject='X-AxisName' styles='myAxisTitlesFont' /><apply toObject='Y-AxisName' styles='myAxisTitlesFont' /> <apply toObject='DataLabels' styles='myAxisTitlesFont' /></application></styles></chart>"
		<!-- END Script Block for Chart chart1_region --> 


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