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First thing,  Is this "Fusion Charts" or "Collabion Charts"? Are they the same thing? Am in the right forum?  Apologies if this is misplaced.


I am testing this out before using it in our SharePoint site and I have created a simple excel spreadsheet.  A column of dates, and types of fruit. Each row is the total number of each fruit sold on that date.


In excel I simply click the insert column chart button and a column chart appears with a # of fruit sold scale on the Y axis and the dates along the X axis with a group of all the fruit types columns for each date.




Now trying to replicate this in CollabionFusion or whatever charts.  Not so easy. The best I can do is, well I am not sure what it is I am looking at. I must be doing something wrong.




I can't seem to tell it that I want all the types of fruit to show a column for each date.  The Group and Drilldown configuration menu is not very intuitive for accomplishing this. Can someone point me in the right direction?


I should mention that I am not using the spreadsheet in SharePoint. I have replicated the data as a custom list as the data source.



Also, a side note.  How do I get the chart to show the date in American style Month, day, year format?  It seams as though despite selecting the date display format as 01/18/15, the chart will display the euro-style 18/01/15.



Thanks for looking.


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Hi Jeremy,


The product you are trying is Collabion Charts with is designed only to work under SharePoint Environment. So FusionCharts and Collabion Charts is a very different products all together.


Regarding you query, your chart configuration is Ok, its just the chart type that is wrong for the data that you have. You are using single series chart that's the reason you are not able to see any other series except "Banana". So please go to "Chart Type" > Click on "Chart Category" combo box and select "Multi Series" then click on Column 3D chart thumbnail below and click on Apply. That will replace existing single series chart with multiseries chart with will show all of the series not just one.


Regarding the date, you are using quite an old version of the product, so I request you to upgrade it and check the data formatting again. Hopefully you will not get any issue with it.


Hope this helps.

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