Multi-Series Date Data Results in Broken Lines

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I'm trying to create a chart showing two series lines. The first would be the Planned Costs (vs. Date) and the second series is the Actual Costs (vs. Date). The problem is that there are large date gaps between data points and I have dates where I don't have values for both series. If a "Actual" cost is between two "Planned" costs, the line is broken for both series. Is there a reason that the lines are not continuous? Is there a way that I can get the lines to not be broken? I've tried grouping the date data by day, but this did not solve my issue. Also, without date grouping, the X-axis does not represent correct spacing for date data. The gaps are always uniform in the data. is there a way to set the x-axis to a date range and have it scale correctly? This didn't seem to work with an X-Y chart either. This seems like it should be a fairly simple problem for this type of program.


I've attached example data and a screenshot of the chart that is created. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards.


Example Data:
Broken Line Chart:

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To get a connected line, you would need to use "connectNullData=1" in Other Settings > Custom Attribute section. Please refer to the attached screenshot to know how to apply this setting. You'll have to type in "connectNullData" and "1" in the respective options.


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