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Seeking Chart Developer w/ SQL and Salesforce experience

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HomeKeeper is a Salesforce app for affordable homeownership organizations around the country to manage their programs. We seek to expand functionality by embedding a data visualization dashboard into the app, so individual organizations have a degree of self-analysis. We currently do our charts with Tableau (see below); however, because of their licensing model, we are seeking alternative solutions such as FusionCharts.


Desired system functionality includes:

  • Security of organizational data

  • Dashboard embedded into our Salesforce app

  • The ability to benchmark one’s organization against others, while preserving others’ privacy

  • Our Analysts’ ability to make basic alterations to charts and layouts

  • Basic filtering abilities (dates, categories, etc.)

  • Variety of benchmarked data (based on region, portfolio size, etc)

  • The ability to leave and view dashboard comments

  • Individual scatterplot points access the specific data they refer to

  • Popup text and tooltips to provide additional data or context

We seek a chart developer with the ability to write the proper queries and implement the dashboard into our Salesforce app for a contract job.  A more thorough description with examples is included in the attached document.


Please direct all inquiries to [email protected]


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