Fusion charts using JSP & Restful services

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Hi Team,


I have a requirement where we want to renders the pie chart in the JSP page using Fusioncharts. The data should populate dynamically using the Restfiul webservices. The service response will come in JSON format & the database is Oracle.


I have a working example, where able to show it from the json file in the html page, which is using the dummy data.


Can you please share any working example with above requirement. Here am attaching the html page & json file that used in the server to render data.

We have to fulfill the same requirement where the data should come from the service/database and populate dynamically.




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Someone please response to this post. Is there any alternative way to connect the database from the JSP page using the datasource and render the data in browser as a 2D/3D chart.

Please provide the working example that fulfills our requirement. Highly appreciate your response.




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