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Good morning, I would use events to function as the thermometer gauge

I would like to see loop temp. MAX, MIN, CURRENT.

Example temp changed through math.random but I would use the 3 variables temp taken with php script.

I tried without success

"Events": {

                "RenderComplete": function (evt, arg) {

                    var chargeInterval = setInterval (function () {


                            count ++;


                            if (count == 1) {

                                value = <?php echo $max  ?>; }


                             if (count == 2) {

                                value =<?php echo $min ?>;                       



                        if (count == 3) {

                       value =<?php  echo $current ?>;

                            count = 0;





                        FusionCharts.items ["myThm"]. FeedData ("& value =" + value);

                    }, 3000);


thank you!!
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