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I have a document library that currently contains approximately 1,000 documents in it.  I am trying to add a chart to show the types of documents in that library.  I have created a custom view to show only certain documents.  After I configure the data provider and select the list and view I click on View Data and it gives me a message No Data to Display.  I had this configured previously when the list contained less documents, and it worked without issue.  I then tried to select the default "All Documents" view.  When I do this I am able to choose between Root and Sub-folder and when I click the three '...' I am able to see all of the document sets in the library.  However, after selecting all the "Include all sub-folders" option, I try to go into the Select Fields screen and it just tells me it is performing the action and then eventually gives me the following error message:


Server is currently unavailable. Please try again. Click to view Debug Information (When I click to view the debug information, nothing happens).


I am using Collabion Charts for SharePoint v


I have used the charts on lists that were greater than 1,000 before, so I wouldn't think it is a query size issue.  I have a pre-production library that only has about 23-50 documents in the library and the chart tool works perfect on this environment.



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Hi charlesralston,


Thank you for using Collabion Charts for SharePoint!!

It seems that you are using a very old version of Collabion Charts. The current version is - 7 versions ahead of the one you are using(checkout Collabion version history:

We have fixed a lot of issues similar to the one you are facing in the last releases. I would suggest you to upgrade to the latest version of Collabion and check whether you are still facing the same issue.

Do let me know your findings!

Please feel free to write to us if you need assistance with anything else.

Till then, happy charting!



Arkaprovo Naha

QA Lead and Technical Specialist,


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