Gantt 3.13.2-sr.1: Uncaught () is not a function

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We're getting a javascript error when clicking on a bar in the gantt chart: "Uncaught () is not a function".  I've attached screenshots of the call stack and relevant source code using minified files that have been "pretty-printed".  This error does not occur when using 3.12.2.

Call Stack.PNG


2-gantt anonymous.PNG


4-anonymous-ze call.PNG

5-ze and He.PNG

6-ye and anonymous-throw.PNG

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We are using the dataplotclick event on gantt charts, but also using "link: 'j-$.noop'" so that the pointer cursor appears when hovering over each task.  I found that it works in the latest version without an error if I add a "-" after "noop".  The extra "-" was not necessary in 3.12.2.

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By default FusionCharts displays a hand pointer when a "link" attribute is used. It is natively not supported to display it as pointer cursor on hovering over the plots when the link attribute is set. If you want to have cursor pointer even with link attribute set, you need to implement it at your end accordingly for your requirement.


Regarding the "j-" notation please check the documentation for reference :




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