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Need Someone to Do some FusionChart work for me

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I am new to the FusionChart forum and would like to demonstrate it to a customer with some customization geared toward theri business. I am hoping once the client sees what the product is cable of, we can move into a development and production environment.  Unfortuately I do not have either time or the necessary skills (yet) to get this done real quick.  Below is a description of aht I would like to be able to do and I am interested in a resources that (with compensation) can assist me.

I want to incorporate FusionCharts into a web site.  The charts will be generated by allowing the user to select specific time period of data and a specific data set.  In addition, if there is the possibility of selecting the type of chart this would be very nice.  I imagine this may require additional effort.  Also, I am seeking someone that can teach me the software to the extent that I can modify etc.


So I may be able to handle some of the items below.  I think the task is relatively easy for the FusionChart pro and would appreciate anby guidance etc,  Thanks, Villagechief


Create a web template which has only 4 pages.  Page 1 will contain text explaining a little about the site and will have a prompt to add a username and a password.  Initially there will only be one user called admin and a password that I can change. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Page 2 should be the

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