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Inserting into powerpoint

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I want to include chart inside PPT. I am not getting the properties window as you have shown in the documentation.

Can you please clarify this? I am using Powerpoint 2003. Is my PPT version is different from ur example?

In above properties window, where should I give the MovieURL? I couldnt find any property as custom. There are 2 properties displayed as Movie and MovieData in my ppt.

Help me.


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Could you please pass the Chart file in Movie property?


It should be like as:


[shockwave control].Movie="file:///C:/PPT/Column3D.swf?DataURL=column.xml"




[shockwave control].Movie="file:///C:/PPT/Column3D.swf?DataXML=<chart><set value='10' /><set value='20' /></chart>


Also make sure everytime to set Playing=Ture and FrameNum=0 or 1 property, whenever you start a new slideshow.

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Dear friends,

For your reference, here I am giving the solution.... Hope this may help somebody...

1) COLUMN3D.SWF<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



<chart caption='Monthly Revenue' xAxisName='Month' yAxisName='Revenue' numberPrefix='$' showValues='0'>

<set label='Jan' value='420000' />

<set label='Feb' value='910000' />

<set label='Mar' value='720000' />

<set label='Apr' value='550000' />

<set label='May' value='810000' />

<set label='Jun' value='510000' />

<set label='Jul' value='680000' />

<set label='Aug' value='620000' />

<set label='Sep' value='610000' />

<set label='Oct' value='490000' />

<set label='Nov' value='530000' />

<set label='Dec' value='330000' />



  <line startValue='700000' color='009933' displayvalue='Target' />

    <line startValue='800000' color='009933' displayvalue='Target' />  

    <line startValue='300000' color='009933' displayvalue='Target' />  





<?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /> 

3) Open powerpoint  presentation -> insert shockwave object -> select properties -> set movie property as

Column3D.swf?dataXML=<chart><set value='50' /><set value='50' /><set value='100' /> </chart>


Please Note (set movie property as):

To get data from xml file to chart (dataURL)

Column3D.swf?dataURL=C:Documents and SettingsDesktopFusionCharts in PowerPoint ExampleFusionCharts in PowerPoint Exampledata.xml


To pass data directly to chart (dataXML)

Column3D.swf?dataXML=<chart><set value='50' /><set value='50' /><set value='100' /> </chart>




 (Using macro is optional: It is your choice)

Write the following Macro in Powerpoint :


Sub StartShow()

Dim movieString As String

Dim yesNoResule As VbMsgBoxResult

movieString = "file:///" & Replace(CurDir, "", "/") & "/Column3D.swf"

yesNoResule = MsgBox("Select Yes to use dataURL." & Chr(10) & "Select No to use dataXML.", vbYesNo + vbQuestion, "FusionCharts")


If yesNoResule = vbNo Then


  movieString = "Column3D.swf?dataXML=<chart><set value='50' /><set value='50' /><set value='100' /> </chart>"


End If

Slide1.ShockwaveFlash1.FrameNum = 0

Slide1.ShockwaveFlash1.Playing = True


Slide1.ShockwaveFlash1.Movie = movieString

End Sub





When you run the StartShow Macro, it will bring up a Message Box. It will ask

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Mahas, Thanks for your help.
Now for a practical approach, I am attaching the original content, which is a sample ZIP file, containing the following:
1. Two images, which will guide you how to disable Macro security, So that you can execute VBA functions StartShow.
2. Also it contains three more files,
a. Column3d.swf
b. data.xml
c. FusionCharts_XP.ppt
To run the sample, you would need to open FusionCharts_XP.ppt file.
1. Using dataURL directly from control's propery box
2. Using dataXML directly from control propery box.
3. An example in Office 2007.

FusionCharts in PowerPoint

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Guest Rajroop

Hey there,




We've just released a new and free add-in for PowerPoint that lets you add FusionCharts very easily to your slides. Check out oomfo @




Would love to have your feedback/suggestions. :)

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