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I have a angular gauge chart. I have used the link parameter en in the dial to link to another page, but I would like to open the web page in a blank window. Is there any way to set the target to blank?



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Could you please use this concept into widgets?

Opening links in new window
Quite often, you might want to open the drill-down link in a new window instead of the same window. To have a link open in a new window, all you need to do is, add n- before any link. E.g.,

<set ... value='2235' ... link='n-ShowDetails.asp%3FMonth%3DJan' ...>

The above link, when clicked, would open in a new window.

Example XML:

<chart caption='Monthly Sales Summary' subcaption='For the year 2006' xAxisName='Month' yAxisName='Sales' numberPrefix='$'>

<set label='Jan' value='17400' link='n-DemoLinkPages/DemoLink1.html'/>

<set label='Feb' value='19800' link='n-DemoLinkPages/DemoLink2.html'/>

<set label='Mar' value='21800' link='n-DemoLinkPages/DemoLink3.html'/>

<set label='Apr' value='23800' link='n-DemoLinkPages/DemoLink4.html'/>

<set label='May' value='29600' link='n-DemoLinkPages/DemoLink5.html'/>

<set label='Jun' value='27600' link='n-DemoLinkPages/DemoLink6.html'/>


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