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Open new window with Linear gauge

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I have been trying to open a new window using a Linear Gauge, is this possible? The gauge has 3 different ranges and I would like to open a new chart depending on the range you click on.


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Could you please see blue print application?

You can follow this code also.

FC_ChartUpdated method is called when user has changed pointer value.

Here, we track down the chage in year Selector Liner Gauge on top of the page

function FC_ChartUpdated(DOMId){

  //Check if DOMId is that of the chart we want i.e. year selection linear gauge

  if (DOMId.toLowerCase()=="fg_yearselector"){

  //Get reference to the chart

 var FGRef = getChartFromId(DOMId);

 //Get the selected value/year

 var year = Math.round(FGRef.getData(1));


 //updating YearSelectionChart to go to the centre of year's value

 FGRef = getChartFromId("FG_YearSelector");

 FGRef.setData(1, year);

 location.href="abcd.php?year=" + year;



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