Rahul Kumar

upgrade multi line chart with date series

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I want to upgrade my multi line charts to lastest version of FusionChart to use connectNullData feature. But features like dateRangeStart, datelines seem not to work any more.




In my current version, i have xml data like this :




< graph  dateRangeState='...' dateRangeEnd='...' dateRangeLabels='1' ... >


 < datelines >

     < line .... / >

 < /datelines >  

< /graph >




You can see that the sections in red in current version.gif are not showed in upgraded version.gif.




Could someone please show me how to upgrade these features?




Thank you very much!



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I am afraid, Multiseries chart do not have any dateRangeStart, dateRangeEnd etc. attributes in FusionCharts FREE, it might be some other chart you are using. 

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