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I have one problem have a graph where I have an information of the day Monday to Friday per month but in any of these days information does not exist and it(he,she) me cuts the lines but what I want that it(he,she) does is that if it(he,she) does not exist information follows(continues) the constant line and it(he,she) does not cut me.

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Please check out this sample code given below:

<chart showValues='0' connectNullData='1'>
      <set label='Jan' value='420' />
      <set label='Feb' value='295' />
      <set label='Mar' value='523' />
      <set label='Apr' value='473' />
      <set label='May' />
      <set label='Jun' />
      <set label='Jul' value='354' />
      <set label='Aug' value='457' />
      <set label='Sep' value='127' />
      <set label='Oct' value='354' />
      <set label='Nov' value='485' />
      <set label='Dec' value='486' />

Hope it may help you.

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