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Need Help when putting loading xml file

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im trying to integrate fusionchart with my flash movie, but i have problem when load the xml file, and the chart result is always "No data to Display"




here's the action :


#include "com/fusioncharts/includes/"

#include "com/fusioncharts/includes/"

import com.fusioncharts.core.charts.Column2DChart;

var xmlData:XML= new XML();


var chartContainerMC:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("ChartHolder",1);

var myFirstChart:Column2DChart = new Column2DChart(chartContainerMC, 1, 450, 325, 20, 15, false, "EN", "noScale");

//Convey the XML data to chart. 


//Draw the chart







somebody please help me with this :crazy::crazy::crazy:

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