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Sequential Animation & XML/CSV Data Issues

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Had a play around with the demo version & searched forum but still have a few intial questions:

1. Generating required XML file from flat .CSV data file

 - any way to do this from the (DOS) command line (with switches) rather than manually/interactively

 via XMLGen_1.html or on Server-side? If not, how can this conversion to XML combination chart format from flat .CSV on a server be achieved using AJAX wrapper ? I saw it mentioned in some forum articles (for PHP) but cant find any

 detailed examples, code snippets of such a conversion from .CSV using AJAX/JAvascript?


2. Looping Animation of dataset - Code Examples

Can I adjust the SPEED of animation of the DATASET in a chart (any code samples ?) OR  is this

hardcoded into the particular .SWF file ? What is the most efficient way to keep repeating the animation of the (time-series) data appearance  in a 2D combination chart (1 column, 5 lines) ? Id like to just reanimate the dataset with all other chart features "fixed" in situ - adjusting the speed of this (re-)animation would be helpful.  Any plans to add "sequential animation" over time for time- series line:column charts as oppossed to the current "all appear together" animation mode ?

3. Multi-Chart Grid

Are there any pre-specified .SWFs which show a 6 x 2 grid of 2D Column-Line combination charts

on one page ? Would I have to form this myself in Flash to produce a new *.SWF or is there

anything pre-configured; or can I specify this grid of charts from the XML file ? Any code examples ?

4. Tool Tip over CHART legend possible ? (ie to give longer explanation of series mnemonics

listed in the legend) Required code in XML file ?

Most Kind

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