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How to pass query string variables to PHP using setDataURL

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I have an HTML page that calls a PHP script that reads from MySQL, formats the XML and uses echo to return the XML. All works fine if I hard code the URL but I want to pass variables to the PHP script from the Query String




My Code:




var client = qsParm['client'];


var site = qsParm['site'];


var region = qsParm['region'];


var calc = qsParm['calc'];


var URL = "" + client + "&region=" + region + "&site=" + site + "&calc=" + calc;






var myChart = new FusionCharts("", "myChartId", "300", "200", "1", "0");








The URL gets built properly - but I can not get it to successfully pass to the PHP script. I used the First Chart as an example.




This seems like a basic process - but I can not get it to work. I have tried escape(URL) to encode - but the myChart.setDataURL(URL) does not pass the URL.


If I use myChart.setDataURL("") it works but if myChart.setDataURL(""+client) does not work




I have gone over all the documentation and these forums and have not had any success finding an answer

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