Chart bars override each other?

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Dear all,

I have a Gantt chart based on the task list in sharepoint.The problem is that some tasks have the same start and ending date...Some task are smaller while other are large tasks..The issue is that lager task appears , while it overrides the smaller ones..The small task appear in the back ground of the larger task.This image will explain you the scenrio:


Could anyone of you please explain how i can show all the task against the given phase properly?



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Guest Basundhara Ghosal

Hi Boomer,

Could you please refer to the JavaScript folder of the Trial Pack of FusionWidgets?

Ref.- FusionWidgets_Trial>Code>JavaScript

Hope this helps. :)

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Guest Rajroop

Hello all,


We proudly announce the release of FusionCharts for SharePoint in beta. FusionCharts for SharePoint helps you create interactive & data-driven charts in SharePoint, without having to write a line of code. The charts are created using a wizard and can connect to various data sources such as SharePoint Lists, CSV, MS SQL, Oracle, Excel & BDC. You can add drill-down and export capabilities to each chart and configure both cosmetic and functional aspects.



You can download the fully-functional version from - we would love to have your feedback on this.


Please post your suggestions and any bugs as replies to the forum thread at:

FusionCharts for SharePoint beta impression

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