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Can I put a chart on another chart?Can I put a chart as a part of another's?

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Chart A xml:

<chart palette='2' xAxisMinValue='0' xAxisMaxValue='100' yAxisMinValue='0' yAxisMaxValue='100' is3D='1' showFormBtn='1' viewMode='0' formAction='DataHandler.html' >

 <dataset seriesName='DS1'>

<set x='12' y='79' width='70' height='56' name='Node 1' color='FE3233' id='1'/>

<set x='59' y='15' width='40' height='56' name='Node 2' color='FE9191' id='2' >

<set x='88' y='75' radius='37' shape='circle' name='Node 3' color='62D0FE' id='3' ></dataset></chart>

I want to show attributes Curve  of the three nodes on chart A, each curve is a fusionChart, such as the following image:ce8d8a3a-d106-49fd-9b88-be41.JPG

I want to ask if FusionCharts support a chart nested in another?

If can, How should I write the html?


Thank you!


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I am afraid, FusionCharts do not supports nested charts. :(




However, you can use the source class file of each chart to integrate them into a single flash movie. This is possible from the developer version onwards.

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