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showYAxisValues not exposed on DragLine Charts

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The documentation under chart element attributed > Functional Attributes states: "For example, you can opt to show/hide data labels, data values, y-axis values."




The documentations also states that YAXISVALUES has a _alpha property, however showYAxisValues is not exposed for the dragline chart. It is exposed for the regular 2D line chart (and most other charts I have used).




Was this intentional? I realize that by default a user can change the Axis, so perhaps you did not want to allow the chart to hide the yVals, but there should be a way to hide those values, particularly if you set allowAxisChange='0'.




Thank you for your attention in this matter.









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Guest Rajroop





Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. :)




Unfortunately, there are no attributes which allow the Y-axis values to be disabled in the Drag-able Line Chart, as of now.

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